Swedish holidays

Sammy Johannesson

Provides Homey the function to know which days are Swedish holidays

Provides homey the function to know if the current day is a holiday (Red day) or a day of work. Using the ”Svenska dagar API 2.1” EXPLANATION - Card 1: Is Swedish holiday - If the current day is a “red day” this will trigger, e.g. Sundays and May 1st (But not christmas eve). - Card 2: Swedish day off work - If the current day is off work this will trigger, e.g. Saturday, Sundays, Christmas eve, New years eve and May 1st. - Card 3: Is Specific Swedish holiday (Pick the holiday) - Pick the holiday you wish in the condition - Card 4: Swedish flag day - If the current day is an official flag day of Sweden this will trigger. - Tags: - Tags for Holiday, Business day, API update date, First name of the day, Second name of the day, Third name of the day, Flag day and Day of week. KNOWN BUGS Tags only updates with trigger of cards, todo is to add a cron job. If you have cards triggern every day you should notice. UPDATES - Ver 1.0.4 - Addded support for Swedish lang file, corrected a bug in the APP.json (Two conditions hade the same name). Release of ver 1.0.3 only as a beta. - Ver 1.0.3 - Addded support for Flag day condition (new card) and more tokens. Solved a potential problem with cards if no data is present - Ver 1.0.2 – Solved a issue with a red triangle stopping the flow - Ver 1.0.1 – Change of tags behavior and card texts (Could change the behavior of already created cards) description - Ver 1.0.0 – First beta CREDITS - Credits for the API: https://api.dryg.net/ - Credits for helping with development Sonny Johannesson, Johan Bendz


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