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The IcalCalendar gives Homey flow cards to trigger on your calendar events Setup - Open settings (configure app) - Paste in the ical link - Change the date/time format or use the default (your choice) - Choose whether or not you want next event tags per calendar. Default is off Find Exchange Online ical link 1. Go to https://outlook.office.com/mail/inbox 2. Click settings -> Show all outlook setting 3. Go to Calendar -> Shared calenders 4. Publish a calendar, click the ics link and choose copy 5. Paste the ical link in settings of Homey app Find Gmail ical url 1. Go to https://calendar.google.com/ 2. Click the three dots next to the calendar you want to share -> Click Settings and sharing 3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom 4. Copy the link from Secret address in ical format 5. Paste the ical link in settings of Homey app Find Apple iCloud url 1. Go to https://www.icloud.com/calendar/, or open the Calendar app on your iOS device 2. Click on the icon next to the calendar name in the left pane 3. Tick the checkbox for **Public calendar** 4. Copy the link 5. Paste the calendar link in the Homey app settings a. It must be the original link (Apple Calendar has case sensitive urls) Sync - Events are fetched automatically every 15 minutes - The "Sync calendars" action flow card can also be used to trigger a sync - Only events not started yet or events started but not finished will be fetched - Recurring events where start date is within 2 months or less will be fetched Triggers - Event starts - Event starts in - Event starts from calendar - Event stops Conditions - Specific event is ongoing - Specific event starts within - Specific event stops within - Any event is ongoing - Any event starts within - Any event stops within Actions - Sync calendars Global flow tags (can be used in any app and service) - Next event title - Next event start date - Next event start time - Next event stop date - Next event stop time - Next event duration - Next event duration (minutes) - Next event starts in (minutes) - Next event stops in (minutes) - Calendar name of next event - Todays events, title and time - Todays events (count) - Tomorrows events, title and time - Tomorrows events (count) - Todays events per calendar - Tomorrows events per calendar Next event tags per calendar (can be turned on in the settings) - Next event title in %calendarname% - Next event start date in %calendarname% - Next event start time in %calendarname% - Next event stop date in %calendarname% - Next event stop time in %calendarname%
What's new in v0.3.0
Next event tags per calendar which can be turned on in settings. Humanized next event duration


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