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This app tells you the most recent news headlines.

This app tells you the most recent news headlines. Source: Sky News Example questions to ask homey: OK, Homey… - What are the news headlines? - Give me the headlines, please. - What is the news? - The news, please. - News headlines. Versions 0.0.4 (Apr 23, 2016) - Changed news source from Euronews to Sky News, which should lead to more recent news items being read. 0.0.3 (Apr 07, 2016) - Version 0.0.2 could not be released before due to some errors, those have been fixed in version 0.0.3 - now, you can select the number of articles. - On request, News headlines now includes a flow action card that reads the news based on the number of articles you want Homey to read. [] 0.0.2 (Mar 22, 2016) - Reduced app size thanks to @matjaz - Allows users to select the number of articles Homey curates, between 1 and 8 articles. 0.0.1 (Mar 17, 2016) - Provides basic functionality


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