Sunway Window Coverings

Sunway Benelux B.V.

Let Homey control your Sunway window coverings

Adds support for remote controlled motors for roller blinds produced by Sunway If you experience issues please submit the issue at What’s new V1.6.4 Fixes Bofu my position & Duette® Shades Top Down flows. Fixed app tile icons for Brel & Somfy shades. V1.6.3 Fixes Brel my position and indentation V1.6.2 Fixed typo in Duette® Shades Top Down V1.6.0 Added support for duette bofu models with multiple rails V1.5.2 Fixed tilt flows for bofu and brel remotes V1.5.1 Fixed a problem where devices wouldn’t have icons. Version bump. V1.5.0 Restructure of the application, this should improve stability. V1.4.0 Added “Preferred position” flow cards for all blinds Added option to blinds with the Brel remote to operate with/without “Pulse” mode (previousely “Pulse” mode was required. If your blinds behave differently after this update please try and change this setting) Fixed minor bugs V1.3.0 Fixed brel tilt Fixed somfy tilt signal Improved the somfy signal V1.2.1 Added support for Bofu remotes V1.1.2 Changed up/down signal to 2 repetitions and tilt signal to 4 repetitions (from 16 and 2) V1.1.1 Changed the signals of the Somfy device to send-only. V1.1.0 Added tilt capability to Somfy blinds. To make use of this functionality you will need to re-pair your Somfy device. Note that adding a device to Homey multiple times (by re-pairing) can cause the memory of your Somfy blind to be full. If the memory of your Somfy blinds is full the blind will respond to pairing but will not work in the test screen. If this happens you will need to do a factory reset of your Somfy device and re-pair all remotes.

Supported devices

Brel Blinds
Bofu Blinds
Somfy Blinds


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