Philips TV

John Smarius

Philips TV - Jointspace control app for Homey

This app lets you control a Philips TV with Jointspace API from within flows on a Homey device (by Athom). Used the http request module from Erik van Dongen from his HTTP request flow chart app. To use this API your philips TV should get a fixed IP adress from your DHCP server or else you will loose connection with your Philips TV. To check if your philips TV support the Jointspace API you can check in the browser with http://tv-ip-adress:1925 It responds with a link to the API reference like http://tv-ip-adress:1925/tv-device-nr/doc/API.html Both the tv-ip-adress and tv-device-nr are needed to pair your tv. REMARK: TV on standby doesn’t have the Jointspace API available, so after the Standby command TV can’t be reached anymore. For Jointspace API reference look at: This app supports Action cards Set a TV channel Set the volume Set a TV source Send a input key Mute the TV UnMute the TV Put the TV on Standby VERSION 0.5.0: - Rewrite according to updated developers documentation at Athom - Added settings for IP-adress and Device Nr so it can be changed afterwards - Added Action Card for sending input keys - Bugfix: fixed the pairing problem and enter the IP-adress and Device Nr VERSION 0.1.0: - Initial version

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Philips TV


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