Nefit Easy

Robert Klep

Nefit Easy thermostat

Control your Nefit Easy thermostat with Homey! IMPORTANT: This app uses an unsupported and unofficial approach, don’t use the app excessively or you might risk being blocked from the Nefit Easy API (temporarily). With regular usage you should not experience any problems. A consequence of this unofficial approach is that the app can only poll to update data every 60 seconds, therefore temperature changed triggers might be delayed a bit. Changelog 3.3.0 (2018-11-26): - Added “clock program” support - Added “fireplace mode” support (requires re-pair) - Added “holiday mode” support (requires re-pair) - Issue a warning during pairing when password length exceeds 10 characters 3.2.0 (2018-08-21): - Reverted to previous XMPP client (more resource-friendly) 3.1.1 (2018-08-10): - Possible memory leak fix 3.1.0 (2018-08-01): - Updated core Nefit library to improve autoreconnect behaviour 3.0.3 (2018-07-04): - Change of ownership 3.0.2 (2018-03-31): - Due to changes in the Nefit/Bosch backend the devices paired with the stable (pre-SDKv2) version of this App need to be repaired. This update will mark incompatible devices for re-pairing and re-establish the connection with the Nefit/Bosch backend. 3.0.0 (2018-05-29): - Fixes due to changes in the Nefit/Bosch backend (which stopped the app from working). 2.0.1: - Capability changes to play nice with HomeyKit. Re-adding device is required (though not enforced if the previous device entry was based on 2.0.0). 2.0.0: - Update to SDKv2, add various capabilities and functionalities. Re-adding device is enforced. Acknowledgements Some icons were made by Freepik and Monkik from
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Nefit Easy

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Nefit Easy
The target temperature changed
Nefit Easy
The temperature changed
Nefit Easy
Thermostat mode has changed ...
Nefit Easy
Operating mode changed
Nefit Easy
System pressure changed
Nefit Easy
Pressure alarm activated


Nefit Easy
Thermostat mode is ...
Nefit Easy
Operating mode matches ...


Nefit Easy
Set the temperature °C
Nefit Easy
Set the mode ...
Nefit Easy
Fireplace function ...
Nefit Easy
Holiday mode ...
Nefit Easy
Clock program ...


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