Battery monitor

Harrie de Groot

Keep track of the battery status of your devices

With this app you can monitor the battery status of all your devices. Functionality Just adds an app settings page with all battery powered devices and their current battery level. Flow TIP: There is a nice forum post on how to get a notification when battery level changed for a device. Change Log 2.0.5 - Small fix in error handling of api calls - Moved to 2.x version scheme 1.0.4 - Added a reference to the forum post on how to to get battery low notifications 1.0.3 - Athom api upgrade 1.0.2 - Resolved a rare app crash at initial startup, when the main app isn’t ready yet 1.0.1 - BUG fix loading devices 1.0.0 - Initial release for Homey firmware v2.0 Final note The repository is available at: If you want to contribute, just create a pull-request and I will take a look! Do you like this app? Consider a donation to support development. [Donate]


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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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