Daikin AI

Peter Eier

Adds support for Daikin Air Conditioners

This app requires that your Daikin air conditioner is equipped with a WiFi adapter (either model BRP069A-- or BRP069B--). <<Features>> - supports Daikin airconditioners through model range drivers. - the user interface, depending on the selected driver, can show target temperature, operating mode, inside temperature, outside temperature, fan speed and fan swing mode. - HomeKit support (see note) for every WiFi capable Daikin Airconditioner thru the "Model HomeKit" driver. The AC control functionality is however limited to: airco's mode setting, target temperature setting and inside temperature measurement. Note: requires either Homey's experimental Apple Homekit feature enabled or one of the following apps: "HomeKit by Sprut", "HomeyKit by Bas Jansen". - special modes, i.e. POWERFUL, are supported for some models/model variants. <<Action flow cards>> When designing flows and you add multiple Daikin AI action flowcards to a flow, or several flows but with the same trigger condition, it might be necessary to spread these actions over several seconds to give the airco time to process all the commands as the interface handles all the commands separately. The nature (asynchronous polling) of the Daikin interface still makes it possible that commands collide and as a result commands are not executed correctly which is something to keep in mind when building flows. <<Refresh interval>> Daikin designed an interface that is based on polling which means the airconditioner must be interrogated once in a while to know its current status. The polling interval of the official Daikin Online Controller app is between 30 and 60 seconds. With the refresh interval setting of the Daikin AI app it is possible to set its polling interval between 5 and 30 seconds which is up to 6 times faster. A higher refresh interval means that your Homey has more work to do. When your setup involves more than one airconditioner a polling interval of less than 10 seconds is not recommended. As a result of the polling mechanism a change made with the app, either the official Daikin Online Controller app or the Homey Daikin AI app, may not show immediately in either app. It should be noted that the refresh interval (setting) has no influence for sending commands to the airconditioner, a mode, target temperature etc. change is always executed immediately. <<Demo mode (upon pairing the demo mode is by default turned ON !!)>> Demo mode can be disabled in the device its settings menu. Demo mode can be very useful when you are designing new flows as demo mode prevents the airco to be switched on so you can safely experiment and test your new flows. <<Special Modes>> Special modes are not supported by all models, model variants and/or the WiFi adapter its firmware version, in addition it might be that not all 3 special modes are supported. Check the Daikin Online Controller app which special modes are supported by your airco, during paring enable the supported Special Mode(s) by checking the applicable checkbox(es) or leave them all unchecked (disabled). <<WiFi adapter models>> Daikin just recently introduced a new model WiFi adapter (BRP069B--) which uses a different way to sent commands to the airconditioner. During paring the app will pair your airconditioner with model specific default settings, in some cases you have to change these default settings which can be done in the device settings menu. Note: the WiFi adapter its firmware version can be found in the Daikin Online Controller app (select your airco > click on the gear symbol > the firmware version shows under "Adapter information"). <<IP-address: the use of a static IP-address is recommended>> To prevent unreliable behaviour of the application the use of a fixed (static) IP-address is required. When DHCP changes your airconditioners IP-address the application will not be aware of this change and as a result the application can no longer controle the airconditioner till you manually update the IP-address in the devices its settings menu. Note: your airconditioner its current IP-address can be found in the Daikin Online Controller app (select your airco > click on the gear symbol > the IP-address shows under "Adapter information"). <<Installation and/or updating the software>> It is advised to turn your airconditioner OFF before and keep it switched OFF during Daikin AI software installation/upgrade/restart or when rebooting your Homey as the software will initialise itself immediately after software installation/upgrade/app restart/Homey reboot and because of that some of the airconditioner settings might change i.e. the target temperature might be set to a lower or higher temperature. << Known limitations>> - The app is not compatible with Homey v1 firmware. - The "Airflow Rate" and "Swing" (a picker) control requires Homey mobile app version 2.0.6 or higher to be shown. - HomeKit support only applies for the 'Model HomeKit'. - DHCP is not supported. - Not all Daikin airconditioner models / model series / combinations of indoor and outdoor units are supported. Due to the fact that Daikin does not disclose their interface specification reverse engineering of the interface is extremely difficult. - Homey speech is not supported (note: Homekit driver users have speech support through Siri and can set airconditioner mode and the target temperature). - Special modes can not be used in flows. <<Compatible Daikin Air Conditioning units>> >> in combination with BRP069A41: FTXG20LV1BW, FTXG20LV1BS , FTXG25LV1BW, FTXG25LV1BS, FTXG35LV1BW, FTXG35LV1BS, FTXG50LV1BW, FTXG50LV1BS, FTXJ20LV1BW, FTXJ20LV1BS, FTXJ25LV1BW, FTXJ25LV1BS, FTXJ35LV1BW, FTXJ35LV1BS, FTXJ50LV1BW, FTXJ50LV1BS. >> in combination with BRP069A42: FTXZ25NV1B, FTXZ35NV1B, FTXZ50NV1B, FTXS35K2V1B, FTXS35K3V1B, FTXS42K2V1B, FTXS42K3V1B, FTXS50K2V1B, FTXS50K3V1B, FTXLS25K2V1B, FTXLS35K2V1B,FTXM35K3V1B, FTXM42K3V1B, FTXM50K3V1B, , FTXS60GV1B, FTXS71GV1B, ATXS35K2V1B, ATXS35K3V1B, ATXS50K2V1B, ATXS50K3V1B, FTX50GV1B, FTX60GV1B, FTX71GV1B, FVXG25K2V1B, FVXG35K2V1B, FVXG50K2V1B, , FVXS25FV1B, FVXS35FV1B, FVXS50FV1B, FLXS25BAVMB, FLXS25BVMA, FLXS25BVMB, FLXS35BAVMB, FLXS35BAVMB9, FLXS35BVMA, FLXS35BVMB, FLXS50BAVMB, FLXS50BVMA, FLXS50BVMB, FLXS60BAVMB, FLXS60BVMA, FLXS60BVMB. >> in combination with BRP069A43 (?): CTXS15K2V1B, CTXS15K3V1B, FTXS20K2V1B, FTXS20K3V1B, FTXS25K2V1B, FTXS25K3V1B, CTXS35K2V1B, CTXS35K3V1B, FTXM20K3V1B, FTXM25K3V1B, , ATXS20K2V1B, ATXS20K3V1B, ATXS25K2V1B, ATXS25K3V1B, FTX20J2V1B, FTX25J2V1B, FTX35J2V1B, FTX20J3V1B, FTX25J3V1B, FTX35J3V1B, , FTXL25J2V1B, FTXL35J2V1B, , FTX20KV1B, FTX25KV1B, FTX35KV1B, FTX20GV1B, FTX25GV1B, FTX35GV1B, ATX20J2V1B, ATX20J3V1B, ATX25J2V1B, ATX25J3V1B, ATX35J2V1B, ATX35J3V1B, ATX20KV1B, ATX25KV1B, ATX35KV1B, , ATXL25J2V1B, ATXL35J2V1B, >> in combination with BRP069A44 (?): FTX50KV1B, FTX60KV1B >> in combination with BRP069Bxx (?): No model information available. <<Credits>> This Homey App is based on the great work of the unofficial Daikin API documentation project ( https://github.com/ael-code/daikin-control ) as well as the Apollon77 Daikin Controller library ( https://github.com/Apollon77/daikin-controller ). --- THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
What's new in v3.0.0
Updates related to Athoms refreshed app store.

Supported devices

Comfora, Sensira, Ururu Sarara, Perfera, Stylish etc.
Model HomeKit


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