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Control Auping Connect motorized beds with Homey.

Control Auping motorized beds with Homey. Possibilities With this app you can use Homey to move your bed. Control it manually or create Flows that let your bed follow your lifestyle. For example, you can make the bed move up when your alarm goes off, or make it move down when it’s time to rest. Supported devices Bedsides with 1,2 or 3 motors. Single or dual bedside supported. Royal bedside with 2 or 5 motors. Setup Auping Connect This app requires that you have a motorized Auping bed as well as an Auping Connect bridge. If you don’t have one of those, please contact your local reseller. Please make sure that you are able to control your bed with the Auping Connect smartphone app before connecting it to Homey. Changelog v1.0.16 Resolve a bug where the authentication key would not be stored correctly. v1.0.15 Changed Connect detection mechanism. App should not crash on detection anymore. v1.0.14 Fix a crash which occured while searching for Auping Connect devices. v1.0.12 Allow simultaneously control of multiple bedsides. New device icon to match Homey layout. Various fixes and improvements. v1.0.5 Support for dual bedsides and 1,2 and 3 motor setup. Added support for 2 and 5 motor based Royal beds. Due to internal changes in structure and bed detection, it is advised to re-pair your bed. v1.0.4 Initial release with support for single bed with 3 motors.

Supported devices

Auping Connect


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