Jonas Lundblad

Play your favorite music from a Subsonic server on Homey

This music plugin will enable you to listen to songs from a server sporting the Subsonic API, on your Homey. Besides Subsonic, it will work with forks like Airsonic, and also AMPache since it implements the API. To use, specify your server and login credentials in the app settings. Use the same url (including http/https) that the Subsonic web app uses, the app will add /rest/ etc automatically. Test your login before saving. Note: You can select between Search2 (API version 1.4.0 and later) or Search3 (API version 1.8.0 and later). Results are grouped differently, where search3 groups by ID3 tags. Version history 0.0.4 - Small bug fixes related to search selection - Removed search for now, as it is deprecated since 2010 and does not support native JSON responses #### –0.0.3– - Better error messages (in Music UI) - Secure (salted+hashed) login implemented (using md5 and string magic) - Search method selection in Settings (Search3 default) #### 0.0.2 - FIX: Nodemodules_ folder was in .gitignore … :D #### 0.0.1 - First release, search and playback working. Plans for future releases - Playlist(s) support - –API and/or search method selection– v 0.0.3 - –Salted password when logging in– v 0.0.3


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