Better voice

Jeroen Bos

Correct Homey voice-commands by learning word replacements

This app let’s you correct words that Homey understood wrong using voice and you can combine speech commands with “AND” (or “EN” for dutch) in your sentence. Example, sometimes when you say “Lights on” and Homey understands “Nights on”. Using this app you can auto-correct that and re-emulate the complete sentence in a flow (see image below). You can even ask Homey for a confirmation if you don’t want it to be auto-executed. [] In order to let the combined speech-commands work you need to have a flow like: [] IF YOU LIKE THIS APP, THEN CONSIDER TO BUY ME A COFFEE :) [] V0.0.5: - Added dutch translation and combined speech-commands V0.0.4: - Auto reload triggers after saving settings V0.0.3: - Bugfixes V0.0.1: - First version


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