Robin van Kekem

BeNext devices for Homey

This app adds support for BeNext devices in Homey. It is a rewrite from to SDKv2 Not all features are implemented at the moment. Please report any problems and suggestions. If you update from v0.x you may have to recreate your flows containing BeNext devices. Changelog V1.0.5 Added new capabilities to Window/door sensor (tamper, generic alarm = external contact) Possible fix for window/door sensor and heating control V1.0.4 Added product IDs for Tag Reader V1.0.0 Rewrite to SDKv2 Currently supported devices: - Alarm sound - P1 dongle - Tag Reader (500) - Plug-in dimmer - Built-in dimmer - MoLiTe sensor - Window/door sensor - Heating control - Energy switch plus

Supported devices

Alarm Sound
Built-in Dimmer
Energy Switch+
Heating Control
MoLiTe Sensor
P1 Dongle
Plug-in Dimmer
Tag Reader (500)
Window/Door Sensor


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