Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee

Ted Tolboom

A different kind of Smart Home solution

Aqara makes innovative smart home solutions that help streamline your daily life and safeguard your home. Their wide range of affordable ZigBee products are easy to use and can be customized in variety of ways to support your lifestyle needs.
What's new in v0.8.0
Add support for Aqara & Xiaomi EU plugs, Xiaomi light sensors and additional expert settings for several sensors

Supported devices

Aqara Smart Socket
Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN)
Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN)
Aqara Wall Switch Single (L)
Aqara Wall Switch Double (L)
Aqara Curtain Controller
Aqara B1 Curtain Controller
Aqara LED Bulb
Smart socket plug
Aqara Smart plug (EU)
Xiaomi Smart plug (EU)
Aqara Double Relay
Aqara Wireless Switch Single (2018)
Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (2018)
Aqara Wireless Switch Double (2018)
Xiaomi Light Sensor
Temperature/Humidity sensor
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double
Door/Window sensor
Aqara Door and Window Sensor
Occupancy sensor
Aqara Motion Sensor
Wireless switch
Aqara Wireless switch
Aqara Wireless switch (Gyro)
Aqara Vibration Sensor
Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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