Vision Security

Patrick van der Westen

Vision Security devices for Homey

Adds support for Vision Security devices in Homey. If you like the work, please help me buy a stroller for my future kid :D Supported Devices - ZD2102 Door/window sensor - ZP3111 4in1 sensor - ZP3102 PIR motion sensor - ZG8101 Garage door sensor - ZM1601 Battery Operated Siren - ZM1602 DC/AC Power Siren Revision History ** V1.4.8 * ZP3102 Tamper Motion and Binary contact split ** V1.4.7 * ZG8101 Extra input split ** V1.4.6 * ZM1602 addod to flow actions ** V1.4.4 * ZM8101 Added Product ID and Product Type ID ** V1.4.2 * ZM1602 Added Product ID and Product Type ID ** V1.4.1 * ZD2102 Tamper alarm set to optional ** V1.4.0 * 2 versions of ZP3102 available now (ald and new had different command classes) * Added some product ID’s for ZP3102 * Added some product ID’s for ZD2102

Supported devices

Door/Window Sensor
ZP3111 4in1
ZP3102 Motion sensor
Battery Operated Siren
DC/AC Power Siren
Garage door Sensor


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