Leon van der Ree

Control your Itho Daalderop Spiders via the gateway

The "Itho Daalderop gateway" is required! How does it work? - Install the app - Add new devices to Homey, and select Spider - Choose if you want to add the Spider Thermostats or the Itho Fan - Provide your mijn.ithodaalderop.nl username + password - Wait for the api to show your Spiders and add them - Now control your device via Homey Current features that are implemented: - login at the mijn.ithodaalderop.nl api - get the available devices - find the spiders - control the fan via Homey - read out and control the thermostat (temperature and operation mode) via Homey - refresh every 5 minutes - see data at insights - use your devices in flows (Please notes, because of the polling interval it can take up to 5 minutes before the state is updated) Features on the wishlist: - improve widgets layout - add thermostat property: "itho_override_end_time" - reauthenticate when token is expired - implemented the connected smartmeter
What's new in v0.4.2
fixed several new athom publish rules

Supported devices

Spider Thermostat


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