Soma Connect

Adrian Rockall

Adds support for Soma devices via the Soma Connect hub

com.soma.connect This app is for Soma devices via the Soma Connect hub. HOW DOES IT WORK It connects via the Soma API for the Connect hub. Note: If you have a previous version for this app installed, then you need to remove the already added devices and add them again to enable additional or changed functionality. You will also have to repair all related flows because of that. This only applies to new features for existing devices so should not be a problems yet. CURRENTLY SUPPORTED: * Soma Shades and Tilt CAPABILITIES * Open / Close / Stop * Position * Battery FLOWS: Triggers: * Position Changed Conditions: * Position Then: * Set Position to CONFIGURATION * Be sure that your Soma blinds are paired and working with the connect hub. * Specify the IP address of your connect hub in the App settings page NOTES Currently only supports one hub If you have any problems with this app please let me know either via the GitHub link or the community forum.
What's new in v1.0.1
Simplified interface to follow Athom guidlines.

Supported devices

Soma Shade


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