Soma Connect

Adrian Rockall

Control your Soma blinds and shades

Bring your Soma Shade and Tilt devices, connected via the Soma Connect hub, into Homey. Open the blinds when your alarm goes off to Wake up to sunshine. Close the blinds in the evening so it looks like you are at home all the time. Room getting too hot then close the blinds to keep the sun out. Homey can do it all when you integrate all your devices.
What's new in v1.2.3
Support for Soma Connect firmeare 2.2.6

Supported devices

Soma Shade

Flow cards

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Soma Shade
The battery level changed
Soma Shade
Position changed
Soma Shade
Device Online state changed


Soma Shade
Set the position to %
Change the position to open (100%), closed (0%), or a value in between.
Soma Shade
Stop the blind movement
Soma Shade
Quietly set the position to %


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