Elgato StreamDeck Integration

Thomas Hebendanz

Integrates the Elgato StreamDeck with Homey.

Supported Languages 🇬🇧 English Got an Elgato StreamDeck? Then let Homey meet StreamDeck! StreamDeck can now control anything your Homey can control. How does this work? The StreamDeck cannot be recognized as a device directly as it requires to be connected to computer. This app provides the service layer only. To make it work you also need to install the StreamDeck plugin. Please visit the Athom Community Forum page for more information. Supported Device Features - Toggle device on/off - Toggle a device's switch - Press any button of a device - Display any data of a device (one per button) - Fire A Trigger Flowcards This app adds a "A Trigger was received from StreamDeck" trigger card. You can set up a 'Fire A Trigger' button in StreamDeck and give it a trigger name. With this trigger name you can now start flows using this trigger card. Just enter the name of the trigger into the card and done. Optionally you can also enter a payload for the trigger. The payload can be text, a number or true/false. The payload will be available as tokens within the flow. Setup 1) Install this app 2) Install the StreamDeck plugin (from StreamDeck plugin store) 3) Set up your access key in this app's settings page 4) Have fun with StreamDeck Please visit the Elgato StreamDeck Integration topic on the Athom Community Forum for more information. Click on Visit Forum under Community in the app info block below.
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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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