Satel Integra Alarm

Mickel Luiten

Adds interaction with Satel Integra alarmsystems.

Features: * Partitions alarm state & Control (armed/disarmed) * Partitions alarms * Door/Window sensors state * Motion sensors state * Fire/Smoke sensors state * Output state & control state Flow triggers, actions & conditions for all features Supported alarmsystems equipped with ETHM-1(PLUS) module: * Intergra 24 * Intergra 32 * Intergra 64 * Integra 64 PLUS * Integra 128 * Integra 128-WRL (SIM300 & LEON) Check Homey community forum for more details
What's new in v2.3.1
Timing issue panelread

Supported devices

Zones Contact
Zones Fire
Zones Motion


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