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plays podcasts in Homey Media [picture] to do: 1) https doesn’t work :( 2) why the &^%%$ doesn’t saving work? 3) texts for settings 4) verify urls 5) lots of error-chekings 6) rewrite item-title with date 7) use self-given podcast-name 8) triggers 9) action cards 10) voice commands 11) allow https 12) global tags for latest podcast-item 13) if playing time is known, add it to media-manager Changelog v1.2.1 (3-3-2019) : added german translation and some cleanup v1.2.0 (30-1-2019) : Fixed removal of ManagerMedia in FW2.0.2 v1.0.1 (11-3-2018) : adoptions for appstore v1.0.0 (10-12-2017) : allow https, add date to podcast, dates as album, fix podcast-title v0.3.0 (17-11-2017) : play podcast-item through flowcard-search (Homey music) v0.2.1 (15-11-2017) : some extra error-checking v0.2.0 (12-11-2017) : added global tags for action-card, added trigger-card, changed icon, added playing time v0.1.6 (03-11-17) : changed formatting and icon v0.1.5 (21-10-17) : changed icon and better settings-line v0.1.4 (10-10-17) : no https allowed and fixed saving v0.1.3 (10-10-17) : use promises v0.1.1 (9-10-17) : no app-restart needed for reloading podcasts in Media-view, texts for settings added v0.1.0 (8-10-17) : first version create rss feeds If a publishers only provides a soundcloud-url and/or I-tunes URL and no rss-feed of the podcast you can use http://getrssfeed.com/ Thanks to: icon: http://library.fridoverweij.com/svg/icons.html pics : https://dribbble.com/timmadden


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