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The Huffington Post Homey app

This app tells you the latest news Source: Huffington Post Remarks: - Based on the Tweakers-app - American Newsfeed - Doesn’t work through the phone-app (yet) Disclaimer The huffpo app is not made by Huffington Post. The app is made without commercial intentions. This app is merely a shell for the available RSS feeds. Bugs / Feature requests - Please submit bugs or feature requests at the github page of the Huffpo Homey app or at the app topic at the Athom forum Supported languages / Ondersteunende talen: - English App is only available in the English language because it’s an app for an English website Will be extended once we can choose output-language for speech-items Available Newsfeeds: - World News - Business - Entertainment - Sports - Books - Green Flow Triggers: Huffington Post RSS News is available with the following categories and triggers: Trigger: Checks every 5 minutes if there are new publications available Action: Reads ‘x’ Newsitems from source ‘y’ and lets you choose between “Title” or “Title and description” Upcoming features : - Speech-input for requests - Selecting categories for each RSS to narrow down the selection - Settings page - Doesn’t work through the phone-app (yet) - Tell more about item xxx Release notes: Version 0.9.3 - extended app-page Version 0.9 - rewritten version - based on the Tweakers-app - News as a trigger - omitted speech-trigger for now - changed from nl.sasteren to com.sasteren Version 0.2 - included upstream changes - Based on the NOS feed / App - American Newsfeed - include body text - break at end of line if too long - replace abbreviations


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