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Turn any home into a smart home with Qubino

With the products of Qubino you can remotely control your shading, lightning, energy meters and other household appliances. Qubino adds support for Z-Wave smart home devices. Connect with Homey and create Flows to make your life easier.
What's new in v3.2.1
Added support for LUXY Smart Light (ZMNHQD), improved sensor settings for Flush Dimmer 0 - 10V (ZMNHVD).

Supported devices

Flush 1 Relay (ZMNHAA)
Flush 1 Relay (ZMNHAD)
Flush 2 Relay (ZMNHBA)
Flush 2 Relay (ZMNHBD)
Flush Shutter (ZMNHCD)
Flush Dimmer (ZMNHDA)
Flush Dimmer (ZMNHDD)
Mini Dimmer (ZMNHHD)
Flush On/Off Thermostat (ZMNHIA)
Flush On/Off Thermostat (ZMNHID)
Flush Heat & Cool Thermostat (ZMNHKD)
Flush PWM Thermostat (ZMNHLD)
Flush 1D Relay (ZMNHND)
Flush Shutter DC (ZMNHOD)
LUXY Smart Light (ZMNHQD)
Smart Meter (ZMNHTD)
Flush Dimmer 0 - 10V (ZMNHVD)
Flush RGBW Dimmer (ZMNHWD)
Smart Plug (ZMNHYD)
Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 (ZMNKID)


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