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Ted Tolboom

Adds support for MCOHome Z-wave devices

This app adds support for Z-wave devices made by MCOHome. Links: MCOHome app Athom apps MCOHome app Github repository NOTE: This app is using HomeyConfig composer. Please file Pull Requests on the development branch of this repository and with respect to the refactored files in /drivers and /config folders. Supported devices: MCOHome Touch Panel Switches (1 - 4x) A glass panel switch with 1 - 4 capacitive touch buttons. SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Touch panel switch 1x: MH-S311(H), MH-S411(H), MH-S511(H) (Z-Wave Plus) * Touch panel switch 2x: MH-S312(H), MH-S412, MH-S512, MH-S312 (Z-Wave Plus) * Touch panel switch 3x: MH-S513 (Z-Wave Plus) * Touch panel switch 4x: MH-S314, MH-S514, MH-S314 (Z-Wave Plus) MCOHome Touch Panel Dimmer A glass panel dimmer with 1 capacitive touch buttons. A glass panel dimmer with 2 capacitive touch buttons. SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Touch panel dimmer 1x: MH-P311, MH-P411, MH-P511 * Touch panel dimmer 2x: MH-DT311 MCOHome Shutter Panel A glass shutter panel with 2 capacitive touch buttons. SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Touch shutter panel: MH-C321 MCOHome Micro-dimmer A Z-Wave enabled 1-load in-wall dimmer SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Micro dimmer: MH-P220 MCOHome Micro-switch A Z-Wave enabled 1-load in-wall relay SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Micro switch: MH-S220 MCOHome MH7(H) Thermostat Z-Wave enabled programmable heating thermostat. SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Heating thermostat (MH7): MH7-EH, MH7-WH * Heating thermostat (MH7H): MH7H-EH, MH7H-WH MCOHome CO2 monitor Monitor CO2 concentration in air. SUPPORTED DEVICES: * CO2 monitor (MH9-CO2): MH9-CO2-WA, MH9-CO2-WD MCOHome PM2.5 monitor Monitor the air quality in terms of Atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5). SUPPORTED DEVICES: * PM2.5 monitor (MH10-PM2.5): MH10-PM2.5-WA, MH10-PM2.5-WD Future developments : MCOHome Heating Thermostat (MH7 series) Supported Languages: - English - Dutch Supported Z-wave regions: - Europe - Russia - China - U.S./Canada/Mexico Feedback: Any requests please post them in the MCOHome app topic on the Athom Community Forum or contact me on Slack If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic. Donate: If you like the app, consider a donation to support development Changelog: v1.2.3 - Add additional productTypeID’s for Micro dimmer (MH-P220) v1.2.2 - Add additional productTypeID’s for MH9 CO2 monitor UPDATE: - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.32 v1.2.1 - Add additional productTypeID’s for MH7(H) Thermostats - Minor (cosmetical) modifications to make the app Homey SW v2.0.0 compatible v1.2.0 - Add support for the MH7 Thermostats - Add support for the MH7H Thermostats v1.1.3 - Add support for a “Start dim level change” and “Stop dim level change” action card for the dimmer devices - Add link to MCO home app topic on UPDATE: - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.28 v1.1.2 - Fix missing on off feature on mobile card for touch dimmers (re-inclusion required) v1.1.1 - Add support for Touch shutter panel: MH-C321 - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.11 v1.1.0 - Add Athom community forum link to app - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.9 - Add dim-duration to the dimmer devices - Add support for Z-wave plus version of touch panel switch (3) - Add support for the micro-dimmer and micro-switch - Mass update of all productID’s - Fix issue with CO2 sensor not reporting CO2 alarm #5 - Fix issue where CO2 and PM2.5 sensors are not (re)setting their alarms v1.0.6 - Add support for MH-S311(H) and MH-S312(H) for Z-Wave Plus models - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.7 v1.0.5 - Add support for MH-P311 (including new Z-wave plus version) - Add support for Z-wave plus version of touch panel switch MH-S312, MH-S314 v1.0.4 - Add additional productID for MH9-CO2 - Update meshdriver to 1.2.4 v1.0.3 - Add containment for issue with report handling MH10-PM2 for measure_PM2.5 capability - Update meshdriver to 1.2.3 v1.0.2 - Clean-up icons for MH9-CO2 and MH10-PM2 - Add additional productID for MH10-PM2 v1.0.1 - Update to Z-wave meshdriver capabilities - Update correct image Switch-4 - Add additional productID’s for Touch Panel Switches (1-4x) v1.0.0 - App store release

Supported devices

Touch Dimmer Z-Wave Plus
Touch panel dimmer
PM2.5 Monitor
MH7 Thermostat
MH7H Thermostat (+ humidity sensor)
CO2 Monitor
Micro Dimmer
Micro Switch
Shutter Panel
Touch Switch (1) Plus
Touch panel switch (1)
Touch Switch (2) Z-Wave Plus
Touch panel switch (2)
Touch panel switch (3) Z-Wave Plus
Touch panel switch (3)
Touch Switch (4) Z-Wave Plus
Touch panel switch (4)


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