Hogar Controls

Automate Asia Pte Ltd

Adds support for Hogar Controls Z-wave devices

This app adds support for Z-wave devices made by Hogar Controls. Links: Hogar Controls Athom apps Hogar Controls app Github repository NOTE: This app is using HomeyConfig composer. Please file Pull Requests on the development branch of this repository and with respect to the refactored files in /drivers and /config folders. Supported devices: Hogar Controls Touch Panel Switches (1 - 4x) A glass panel switch with 1 - 4 capacitive touch buttons. Hogar Controls Touch Panel Dimmer Hogar Controls Fan Dimmer Hogar Controls Pebble SUPPORTED DEVICES: * Touch panel switch HTP-1SD-XX, HTP-1S0-XX, HTP-2S0-XX, HTP-3S0-XX, HTP-4S0-XX Supported Languages: - English Supported Z-wave regions: - Europe - Russia - China - U.S./Canada/Mexico Feedback: If possible, please report issues or feature requests at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic. Donate: If you like the app, consider a donation to support development Changelog: v1.0.6 - Added new Product IDs for Dimmer 1, Switch 1, Switch 2, Switch 3 and Switch 4 - Added support for Fan Dimmer and Pebble v1.0.5 - Fixed status reporting and issues with 1 button switch v1.0.0 - App store release

Supported devices

1 Touch Dimmer
Fan Dimmer
1 Touch Panel Switch
2 Touch Panel Switch
3 Touch Panel Switch
4 Touch Panel Switch


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