Hank tech Z-wave

Ted Tolboom

Support for Hank Z-wave devices

This app adds support for Z-wave devices made by Hank Tech. Links: Hank Tech app Athom apps Hank Tech app Github repository Supported devices: Hank Scene controller 4 and 1 button version (HKZW-SCN04 & HKZW-SCN01) With the Hank Scene controller it is possible control any other devices (including non-Zwave) or set states / variables via Homey’s flows. The following triggers are supported: - Button Pressed 1x - Button held down - Button released - Any button pressed (including tokens) The following conditions are supported: - Battery alarm activated | Battery in healthy condition NOTE: All commands will be send to Homey. With this device it is possible to associate buttons to other devices to control them directly (without Homey). Hank Door / Window sensor (HKZW-DWS01) Door / Window sensor providing contact and tamper alarm. Hank MultiSensor (HKZW-MS01) MultiSensor providing motion, illumination, temperature and humidity data for Homey. Hank Motion Sensor (HKZW-MS02) Motion sensor providing motion alarm for Homey. Hank Smart plug (HKZW-SO0x) Smart plug, including 2 USB ports, providing meter data as well as RGB led indication Hank Flood sensor (HKZW-FLD01) Flood Sensor providing flooding-, tamper- and heat-alarm and temperature data for Homey. Hank RGB Color Bulb (HKZW-RGB01) RGB bulb. Supported Languages: - English - Dutch Supported Z-wave regions: - Europe - U.S./Canada/Mexico Acknowledgements: This app and driver development has been supported by: - Robbshop by providing the devices for debugging: Feedback: Any requests please post them in the Hank app topic on the Athom Community Forum or contact me on Slack If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic. Changelog: v1.1.3 - Add missing productTypeID for the HKZW-MS02see v1.1.2 - Add support for the Hank HKZW-RGB01 bulb (thanks to @caseda) - Add start-level and stop-level dim action cards for the Hank HKZW-RGB01 bulb UPDATE: - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.28 v1.1.1 - Minor updates of Motion sensor parameters data ranges - Add link to Hank app topic on community.athom.com UPDATE: - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.25 v1.1.0 - Add support for the new Hank motion sensor (HKZW-MS02) - Add support for the new Hank flood sensor (HKZW-FLD01) - Update meshdriver to 1.2.10 v1.0.3 - Fix issue with SCN01 flow card trigger v1.0.2 - Add Homey community forum link - Update meshdriver to 1.2.8 - Driver clean-up & SDK2 optimizations v1.0.1 - Change Scene Controller device class to Sensor to enable default battery triggers (re-pair required) v1.0.0 - App store release

Supported devices

Door/Window Sensor
Flood Sensor
Motion sensor
RGB Color Bulb
Scene Controller 1
Scene Controller 4
Smart Plug


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