Eufy Security

Martijn Poppen

Smart Home Simplified

Add support for Eufy Cam/Doorbell in Homey. Account Information Because of the way the Eufy Security private API works, an email/password combo cannot work with both the Eufy Security mobile app and this library. It is recommended to use the mobile app to create a secondary "guest" account with a separate email address and use it with this library. Usage - Install this app on your Homey. - Go to the app settings and provide your Username and Password. Click Save Changes - Other keys will be fetched and filled in to the settings page. - Connect a device to Eufy Security - Create a flow wit Euufy Security devices Current features: - turn on/off camera (EufyCam pan&tilt will turn its lens) - Set guard mode (Home, Away, Disarmed, Schedule) - Add devices and use them in flows. (on/off) - Get notifications based on detection modes for specific devices. (Motion, Face, Sound and Doorbell Press)
What's new in v1.6.3
Added images and multi hub support

Supported devices

eufyCam 2
eufyCam 2 Pro
eufyCam 2C
eufyCam 2C Pro
eufyCam E
Smart Floodlight with Camera
Indoor Cam
Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt
Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)
Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)
Video Doorbell 1080p (Wired)
Video Doorbell 1080p (Battery-Powered)


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