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Write scripts for Homey, for when the Flow Editor might not be enough. Visit https://homeyscript.athom.com to manage your scripts. Features - Write a script in JavaScript and have direct access to Homey’s Web API (bèta) - Run a script as a Flow ‘and’ or ‘then’ card Documentation In HomeyScript, you can access a few global objects: - Homey - A HomeyAPI instance. https://developer.athom.com/ - _ - Lodash. https://lodash.com/ - fetch - The Fetch API. https://developer.mozilla.org/ - global.get(id) - Gets a global value - global.set(id, value) - Sets a global value - global.keys() - Gets a list of the ids of all globals - setTagValue(id, opts, value) - Create, edit, remove a flow tag. Use undefined to remove the tag. https://developer.athom.com/ - console - V8 Logging API’s. - log(...args) - A shortcut function to append to the output log. - say(text) - A shortcut function to make Homey speak. - filename - The script filename. - scriptid_ - The script ID. - lastexecuted_ - A Date object describing the moment this script last executed - mssincelastexecuted_ - A number containing the amount of milliseconds elapsed since last execution - args - An (optional) Array of script args. API It is possible to trigger a script remotely using the Homey Web API. let HomeyScript = await Homey.apps.getApp({id:'com.athom.homeyscript'}); HomeyScript.apiPost('script/<ScriptID>/run', [arg1, arg2]); Changelog Version 1.1.1 Web API update to version 2.1.161 Add custom global variable api Add globals to query the last execution time and elapsed time since last execution. Version 1.1.0 Web API update to version 2.1.137 Homey v2.0.0 compatibility Version 1.0.5 Minor back-end changes. Web API update to version 2.0.138 Version 1.0.4 Fix a bug that caused an exception to be thrown when accessing app api’s Web API update to version 2.0.95 Version: 1.0.3 It is now possible to use flow tags in HomeyScript, added an example of this createDayTag.js. Web API update to version 2.0.94 Note: This app is the result of one of Athom’s Hacky Fridays, so official support is not available.


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