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Unleash the scripting power with HomeyScript. Automate everything you every dreamed of, even when Flows are not enough for you! HomeyScript is a JavaScript-based scripting language that interacts with the Homey Web API and various Homey Apps SDK functions. Among many things, you can: — Control & Monitor your Homey's devices. — Start a HomeyScript from a Flow, even with Tags. — Make a Flow only continue when your HomeyScript says 'True!' — Create & Manage Flow Tags from a HomeyScript. — Access any website's API from within a HomeyScript. — Let Homey say dynamic text. — And much, much more... After installation, visit https://homeyscript.homey.app on your Mac or PC to start scripting.
What's new in v3.2.3
Provide option to override fetch agent. Better syntax error display.

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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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