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The Talks with Homey Store

The Talks with Homey Store

At Athom, our mission has always been to connect everything in your home. And we’re quite successful with already over 40.000 devices supported by Homey.

Offering support for so many devices presents new challenges. How are you ever going to decide what device is most suitable for you? This is where Talks with Homey comes in.

Lowering the threshold

At times, deciding what devices you need or want can be a difficult and unclear process. What product do I need? Which brand suits me the most? Does it offer the solution I’m looking for? How much am I willing to pay for this?

Meet Talks with Homey. Developed with the idea of lowering the threshold of realising the dream of having your own smart home, with the products you actually want and need. A sleek image of a beautiful smart home with dots to highlight different devices. The most popular, Homey-compatible products across different price points, divided by distinctive device groups. 

Talks with Homey Store

Creating your own smart home was never this easy. 

The Talks with Homey Store

Arguably one of the most important things in the fabric of Athom is a great user experience. That's why this week, the official Talks with Homey Store was launched. The one stop store that offers all things smart home. A great user experience combined with our impartial approach to smart home devices. No hidden agenda. No incentive to praise one product or brand over the other. The same independent approach that resonates throughout all comparison-related things, like our Best Buy Guides.

The Talks with Homey Store is unique of its kind. The pros and cons at every product listing offers you a fair and independent view on smart home devices. Talks with Homey presents you the facts, while you are in charge of what you actually want. 

Talks with Homey Store pros and cons

Ease of use is key. Did you think of an interesting use case you would love to add to your smart home? You’re only a few clicks away. The Talks with Homey Store offers a curated list of the most popular Homey-compatible devices: the best products in each category, presented in a clear way, suited for every budget. Just add them to your Talks with Homey Shopping Bag, and you’re guaranteed to have them delivered to your doorstep.

Talks with Homey Store product information

With the Talks with Homey Store we hope that you will find it easier and more fun to connect even more devices at home, and realize your dream of a true smart home.

Go check it out at Talks with Homey.

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