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Losing weight with Homey

Losing weight with Homey

The Do-It-Yourself category of the Homey Blog is a place where employees can share some of their own projects.

I want to lose weight. My current weight is 95 kg and I'm 1.90 m tall. With an age of 27, this means that my Body Mass Index (BMI) is just above healthy. Truth be told, working long hours in an office isn't good for your health.

As entrepreneur I obviously cannot work less so I have to lose weight by other means. You can feel where this is going.

In this blog I want to give you an overview of how I use Homey to improve my health and lose weight.

All change starts with awareness, and awareness is created by continuous exposure to facts. So I set out to be continuously aware of my weight.

I've purchased a Smart Scale that talks with Homey using the Withings app. The device synchronises my weight, fat mass and heart rate to Homey. These numbers are saved in Homey Insights, and I can start a Flow when the measurement has completed.

To motivate me, I created this Flow:

You wouldn't believe me when I say it actually works.

Additionally, I've placed a Door/Window sensor on my fridge. Every time I open the fridge, Homey increases the total count I've opened the fridge.

In a Flow, you can actually calculate numbers by surrounding the math between {{ and }}.

In Homey Insights, I can see the number growing over time. The steepness of the chart gives me an indication how well I've conditioned myself.

So Homey now knows when I open the fridge. What more can we do with that...

I've used the Soundboard app to upload two sounds. The first is a Cookie Monster's Om nom nom. Great fun when friends open your fridge!

The second sound is the soothing voice of Little Britain's Marjorie, saying You fat shit when I open the fridge in the evening and I'm still not below my weight goal.

Above is all fun and well, but it actually works for me. But I didn't stop there. I've created a Flow to automatically open my Motorised Curtains in the morning, which helps me wake up earlier. After a few minutes, Homey starts a Spotify playlist with workout music to motivate me for the morning pull-ups.

So far, when looking in Homey Insights, it's clearly visible I've even lost a few kilograms!

Thinking again about those pull-ups... maybe I can count them with a contact sensor and let Homey shout how many are left!

I hope you enjoyed my story, and maybe you can use Homey to help with your own challenges as well!

— Emile

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