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Homey helps with New Year's resolutions

Homey helps with New Year's resolutions

A new year. For many a symbolic moment for a fresh start full of New Year's resolutions. To come up with good resolutions is not the problem. Actually fulfilling these resolutions is what most have difficulty with. Homey helps you to achieve your New Year's resolutions.

Start on time

Most resolutions are to live healthier. More exercise, less snacking and perhaps even more often to the gym. Easily set an alarm in Homey and connect it to a Flow. Homey will then give you a reminder in time by means of speech or a push notification to your smartphone. This way Homey helps you to never forget a running session or a visit to the gym.

homey alarms

No, no, no... no more snacks

More exercise and going to the gym is one side of the story. Less snacks, sweets and candy makes it complete. People often experience moments of temptation to start snacking again. Homey has the solution for this. Place a smart door sensor on your fridge or "candy cupboard" and combine it with a Homey Flow. When you are tempted to start snacking again, then Homey will address you with a speech message encouragingly on just strict. This choice how you want to be addressed is yours. Be creative and let sounds play with the Homey Soundboard App, such as "nomnomnom" at the moment you open the fridge or cupboard again to snack. This is a tested practical example by a colleague who can confirm that it helps to snack less.

smart sensor

Measure your progress

The goal of more exercise, going to the gym and less snacking is to lose weight in a healthy way. Following your progress or setting goals and achieving these is of course a small reward every time. Set personal goals in terms of weight or BMI with a smart scale. Every time you have a measurement moment you can easily see if you are on schedule.

Homey helps by giving reminders to exercise or go to the gym, the prevention of snacking and to measure your personal progress to achieve your New Year's resolutions.

smart scale

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