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Late night with Homey

Late night with Homey

The sweet summer nights seem long gone. It's cold outside, and even though the evening hasn't even started, it is already getting dark. Winter time's here. It takes some time getting used to, but how cozy are these winter nights! On the couch underneath your blanket, watching a movie or just enjoying a warm cup of tea while spending quality time with your family. Homey helps to make these dark winter nights extra pleasant.

A warm welcome in your smart home

After a long day at work you walk out of the office, the evening has just begun and the street lights are already glowing. You feel a chilly breeze, the sky is grey and it is already getting dark. You look forward to come home and relax. With Homey, coming home will become even better.

smart home evening

Let Homey know you're on your way home by activating a Homey Flow. Homey lets your home work for you: a warm welcome in an empty house becomes reality. Come home to a house warmed up to your preferred temperature. When walking through the door your lights will be turned on automatically when the motion sensor is triggered. You hear a relaxed beat coming from the kitchen where your smart speaker started playing your favorite playlist. When dinner is ready, let everybody in the house know by sending out a push notification through Homey while Homey sets the scene

(Tip: put your house slippers on the heating. This way, not only your home but also your slippers will be comfortably warm when you get home!) 

Let's relax

Are you still talking about your day at the dinner table? Did you make yourself comfortable on the couch already? Or do you still have some work to do? No matter the situation - create the perfect scene with Homey. Automatically turn on the TV to your favorite channel. Play a relaxing tune on the background. Create the perfect ambiance for every situation by using the right (smart) lights. Did you know that cold white lights create an energetic vibe, perfect for reading or working? Warm white lighting on the other hand creates a relaxing, warm atmosphere.

smart tv evening

Sweet dreams

After a relaxing evening you go off to bed to show up fresh at work tomorrow. Are you the type of person who's always cold? Homey has a brilliant solution for you. Turn on the heating in your bedroom half an hour before you go to bed! You can easily regulate the temperature in a certain room by using smart radiator valves. A warm bedroom is guaranteed.

Just when you made yourself comfortable under the covers, you discover you forgot to turn off the heating or the lights in the hallway. No worries, simply turn everything off by using the Homey Smartphone App. Also very helpful for the scaredy cats among us who are afraid of the dark. Just turn everything off from your safe and warm bed.

smart sleeping

Smart night light

We all know the struggle: you wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder. You have no other choice but to leave your warm bed on your way to the bathroom. Unfortunately, Homey is not (yet) able to go the bathroom for you. However, it can help to make it a bit more pleasant. Use smart lights in combination with a motion sensor. Using Homey Flows, you can easily let the lights shine bright at daytime, but only dim at night. This way, you're always helped, but never blinded. When there's no activity for a while the lights will be turned off automatically. In the meantime you've returned to your bed and are back to sleep already.

smart night light

Curious which smart devices enable all these scenarios your home? Take a look in our Talks with Homey Store and discover which smart devices can be connected with Homey!

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