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Five ways we use Homey at our office

Five ways we use Homey at our office

We created Homey to excel at home, but found that Homey is a great addition to the office as well. We like to show you how we made our office a better place to work. These are our five favorites:

1. Smart meetings

Once a week we have a company meeting with the whole team. To make sure everyone is there at the right time Homey makes an announcement 10 minutes in advance. You can easily create this with Homey Flows. This way everyone has a chance to grab their coffee and go to the toilet before the meeting starts. To really make sure everyone is ready to start the meeting on time a countdown starts at the screen where the meeting takes place. Since we've started doing this our meetings always start on time.

Homey business meeting smart office

2. Casting dashboards

At Athom we have a lot of screens throughout the whole office. We use Homey in combination with Google Chromecast to cast various dashboards. We use development, support and sales dashboards to keep track. Making information visible keeps everyone on the same page and make our decision data driven.

Homey Chromecast dashboard

3. Smart announcements

Another great way to involve everybody at the office are audio announcements. Homey lets us know when a sale occurs by literally telling us. We also use the work space platform Slack for announcements. With our Homey Slack App Homey let’s us know directly, in a specific channel, when a Homey is sold.

We also use Sonos in combination with the Homey Soundboard App to play a sound when a sale occurs.

4. The 'on button'

When the first person arrives at the office in the morning —and some do very early—the office is still dark and empty. In this scenario we use Homey Flow in a very easy and convenient way. All smart devices at the office are connected to one smart switch. So as soon as the first person walking into the office clicks the switch Homey welcomes them by saying: ‘Good morning’, turns on all the lights and turns on the heating.

When the last person leaves the office after a long day they click the same switch and all devices will be turned off again. Even the blinds go up automatically. Homey will say ‘Goodbye’ and wish you a pleasant evening— or night.

5. Umbrella stand

When a colleague is about to leave the office (presence detection), Homey checks the weather app and checks if it's about to rain. When it is, the umbrella stand will light up and flash a blue light. Our colleague can grab an umbrella and get home dry and hopefully warm.

Rain while going Homey

Hopefully you got inspired about using Homey in a work space. Try to think about how you could use Homey at your office.

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