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Best Buy Guide: Black Friday discount & tips

Best Buy Guide: Black Friday discount & tips

Benefit from a 10% discount on all accessories in our Talks With Homey Store. The discount is valid until Monday, November 26, 2018. Use code BLACKFRIDAY. Here is an overview of our favorite smart home accessories:

Being close to each other

Being together with your family and friends, that's what it's about in December. What could be better than a device that can reduce the "distance". A smart remote control should not be missing in a smart home. Surprise someone with a straightforward KlikAanKlikUit Remote or the very stylish NodOn Softremote. A perfect gift with a huge range of applications.

Smart remote controls   
KlikAanKlikUit Remote€ 19.95€ 17.95View product
Fibaro Keyfob€ 49.95€ 44.95View product
Fibaro The Button (Red)€ 49.95€ 44.95View product
NodOn Softremote€ 52.50€ 47.25View product


Light in the dark

Lighting sets the mood. Dim the lights for a cozy atmosphere or use colored, flashing lamps for a awesome party. And as far as lighting is concerned, there is a lot to choose from. Think of smart lights, smart light spots and even smart decorative lighting. For example, choose an Innr Color bulb with endless color options, the Philips Hue White & Color Starter kit with three light spots or the perfect mood maker: Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit - Rhythm Edition with no less than nine light panels.

Smart lights   
KlikAanKlikUit Dimming Bulb€ 23.95€ 21.55View product
Innr Tunable bulb E27€ 24.95€ 22.45View product
Innr Color bulb E27€ 34.94€ 31.45View product
Philips Hue White & Color Starter kit E27€ 189.95€ 170.95View product
Smart light spots   
Innr Dimmable spot GU10€ 19.95€ 17.95View product
Innr Tunable spot GU10€ 24.95€ 22.45View product
Philips Hue White & Color Starter kit GU-10€ 179,-€ 161.10View product
Smart decorative lighting   
Innr Flex - Colored LED Strip€ 69.95€ 62.95View product
Philips Hue Go€ 99.95€ 89.95View product
Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit - Rhythm€ 249.95€ 224.95View product


The perfect addition

In the festive atmosphere of December, it is all about being together, also with your loved one. The ideal person that fits you perfectly. And what fits better than a smart plug. In a smart house you can never have enough smart plugs. Go for a single plug like the Innr Smart Plug or for a complete KlikAanKlikUit Switch Set. A smart plug is a perfect extension and a gift that always fits.

Smart plugs   
Innr Smart Plug€ 29.95€ 26.95View product
KlikAanKlikUit Switch Set (3+1)€ 29.95€ 26.95View product
Fibaro Wall Plug 2 (schuko)€ 64.95€ 58.45View product


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