Emil Öhman

Adds support for Plejd devices.

Unofficial app for Plejd devices. Q&A Q1: Why can’t Homey connect to Plejd? - Check if the Plejd mesh is not connected to another bluetooth device. The Plejd mobile app for example. Q2: Why is the Plejd devices displaying wrong states in Homey? - It’s because Homey can’t get the state from the Plejd device due to limitation in Homeys Bluetooth support. See Q3: Why does it take so long to turn my lights on/off? - Try enable keepalive setting in the apps settings. It keeps the connection alive and makes state changes much faster. The downside is that Plejd only support one connection at a time. Turning this setting on will prevent you from using the official Plejd mobile app.
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