Eurotronic Technology (Z-Wave)

Eurotronic Technology GmbH

Making your house more comfortable

Eurotronic Technology GmbH is best known for their thermostatic valves. With their latest Z-Wave thermostatic valve, the Spirit, being the first thermostatic valve with the Z-Wave FLiRS technology. Making it really easy to transform every single room in your home, into a warm and comfortable place. Recently they have also started to create environmental sensors. Not only to make every room comfortable, but also to make it a healthier living environment. And these will be supported soon!
What's new in v2.2.0
Transfer to Eurotronic Technology GmbH, Add support Aeotec Boxed Spirit, Fix (Child) Protection not synchronizing everywhere.

Supported devices

Comet Z-Wave Thermostat
Spirit (Aeotec) Z-Wave Thermostat
Spirit Z-Wave Thermostat
Stella Z-Wave Thermostat


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