Eurotronic Technology (Z-Wave)

Remco Mengers

Eurotronic Z-Wave devices for Homey

This app adds support for Eurotronic Technology Z-Wave devices in Homey. Supported Devices: - Stella Z-Wave - Comet Z-Wave - Spirit Z-Wave Device Functions Stella/Comet: - Read target temperature (not the manual set temperature) - Read last measured temperature (not trigger-able) - On every Wake-Up: - Read measured temperature (trigger-able) - Set target temperature - Read/Set modes (Off, Comfortable, Economic, Manual) - Set economy target temperature (Setting/Flow) - Set manual valve position (flow only) Device Functions Spirit: - Read/Set target temperature - Read/Set measured (room) temperature (set = flow and/or direct association only) - Read/Set modes (Off, Comfortable, Economic, Boost, Manual) - Set economy target temperature (Setting/Flow) - Read/Set (child) protection - Set manual valve position (Homey v1: flow only) - Error occurred (flow only) Notes STELLA/COMET: THE TEMPERATURE AND MODE(S) WILL ONLY BE SET WHEN THE DEVICE WAKES UP. Wake-Up is by default set to 1 hour (3600 seconds) on homey. If you want to change the Wake-Up Interval, make sure you use Steps of 240 seconds. Supported Languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) Change Log: V2.0.7: - [Spirit] Fix device’s measured temperature overwriting the external temperature sensor value (when used). - Update meshdriver V2.0.6: - [Comet] Fix crash V2.0.5: - [Stella] Fix crash - Add insights for manual value V2.0.4: - Fix the wrong device (last included) being the device always controlled from flows V2.0.3: - [Spirit] Fix not being able to send the room temperature - Added a setting for the Economic temperature V2.0.2: - Fix rounding errors manual control - Rewritten internal functions making the app more stable (in particular with multiple devices) V2.0.1: - [Spirit] Fix external temperature setting not set-able - Fix set eco temperature flow card - Update Meshdriver V2.0.0: - Rewrite to SDKv2 - Update Meshdriver Rest of the change log can be found here.

Supported devices

Comet Z-Wave Thermostat
Spirit Z-Wave Thermostat
Stella Z-Wave Thermostat


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