Pushover Notifications

Ton Versteeg

Pushover Notification with Image support

This app lets you send Pushover notifications to use in flows on a Homey device (by Athom). 1. Go to Pushover.net and login 2. Grab your user key 3. Grab your relevant group key (if used) 4. Create a new application for Homey https://pushover.net/apps/build 5. Grab your created application key 6. Go to settings on your Homey, and under Pushover Notifications fill in your user, group & application/token key and save. Donate If the Pushover app is useful to you, buy me a beer! [Paypal donate] Changelog 0.0.14 - Added flow card for sending a image to a specific device - If you encounter crashes, please uninstall and re-install the Pushover App and edit all your flows with pushover cards, please fill in the emergency and expire field! after this re-enter api-key in settings 0.0.13 - Added titles and hints to the flow card actions 0.0.12 - Multiple fixes (thanks to Vekdkornet): - Updated colour scheme to “Pushover blue” - Support for group notifications. Add your group key under settings. - Additional Dutch translations 0.0.11 - Multiple fixes (thanks to Vekdkornet): - Fixed an issue where all messages were being sent as “Normal” priority - Fixed an issue where the send message to device flow would not work - Added Notification Sound on the Image Flow Card - Added support for Custom Subject - Added support for Device Default Sound - Added support for Emergency Priority 0.0.10 - Fixed device selection in flow card - Added confirmation for saved settings 0.0.9 - Image support thanks to Kevin Traa 0.0.8 - Fixed bug where logging didn’t work for pushover device card 0.0.7 - Added check to see if Message isn’t empty to fix app crash - Added Insight logging support


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