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Domitech devices for Homey

This app adds support for Domitech devices in Homey. Supported devices with most common parameters: - dtA19-750-27 (Z-wave plus Led Lamp) Supported Languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) Change Log: v 1.0.9 Fixed lamp turning on when Homey was rebooted v 1.0.8 Added support for remembering dim-level (default is on) v 1.0.7 Added support for UK-version of the Domitech light bulb v 1.0.6 Added support for Homey 2.0 v 1.0.5 Simplified mesh device and removed manual trigger v 1.0.4 Add paypal button and updated the node modules to newest versions v 1.0.3 Migrated from ZwaveDriver to ZwaveDevice Added the turn on trigger v 1.0.2 Updates polling interval to comply with Z-Wave performance v 1.0.1 ** Flow cards and polling ** dtA19-750-27 - Triggers and polling v 1.0.0 INITIAL VERSION dtA19-750-27 - Added as new device

Supported devices

Domitech Led bulb


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