Smart Presence

Bjørnar Almli

Presence detection based on smartphones connected to your Wi-Fi

The app works by detecting closed TCP ports of smartphones on your Wi-Fi network. This will work without installing the Homey app, and will allow you to detect guests as well. Installing: For adding a device, please follow these steps: 1. Check the IP address of the smartphone. This can be done from the admin UI of the Wi-Fi router. 2. Make a static reservation for the IP address. Also done from the admin UI of the Wi-Fi router. 3. Add the device by entering a name, and the IP address of the smartphone. Check the 'Is guest' - checkbox for guests. For more information, click the 'Visit forum' - link on this page.
What's new in v0.7.4
Performance improvements. Fixed issue with first person, household member and guest triggers.

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