MQTT Client

Menno van Grinsven

Subscripe to MQTT topics

This app was initially based on the MQTT Client for Homey made by Johan Kuster. With this app you will be able to send messages to a topic and receive messages from a topic. The app contains two cards. One for subscribing to a topic and receiving messages from that topic. With the other card you will be able to send a message to a topic. Wildcards in a topic are supported. The settings page contains: - The option to use the HiveMQ public broker - IP adres or DNS name of the broker wehre to connect top - Portnumber to connect to. - The option to use a secure session (TLS). No support for self signed certificates. - Possibility to bypass certificate check in case of self-signed certificates - Userid for the broker connection - Password to use for the broker connection PUBLIC API - send MQTT messages to topic - subscribe to topic API usage example Add homey:app:nl.scanno.mqtt to your app.json permissions. const Homey = require('homey'); const MQTTClient = new Homey.ApiApp('nl.scanno.mqtt'); class MyApp extends Homey.App { onInit() { MQTTClient .register() .on('install', () => this.register()) .on('uninstall', () => this.unregister()) .on('realtime', (topic, message) => this.onMessage(topic, message)); MQTTClient.getInstalled() .then(installed => { if (installed) { this.register(); } }) .catch(error => this.log(error)); } onMessage(topic, message) { this.log(topic + ": " + JSON.stringify(message, null, 2)); } register() { // Subscribe to all messages in the `homey` topic // messages will pass through the onMessage method via the realtime api 'subscribe', { topic: 'homey/#' }, (error) => this.log(error || 'subscribed to topic: homey/#') ); // send a message try {'send', { qos: 0, retain: false, mqttTopic: 'homey/test', mqttMessage: { msg: 'Hello MQTT!' } }); } catch (error) { this.log(error); } } unregister(){ // ... } } YOU NEED ACCESS TO A MQTT BROKER TO BE ABLE TO USE THIS APP. Now it is possible to run a MQTT Broker in your Homey !!!. See my MQTT Broker app in the app store. It is still in beta at the moment, but fully functional.


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