MQTT Client

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Abonneer op MQTT topics

MQTT Client for Homey With this app you will be able to send messages to a topic and receive messages from a topic. By means of flowcards you can subscript to topics (Wildcards are supported) and trigger a flow when a message arrives on a topic. With the action cards you are able to send a message to a topic. The settings page contains: - IP adres or DNS name of the broker where to connect to - Portnumber to connect to. - The option to use a secure session (TLS). No support for self signed certificates. - Possibility to bypass certificate check in case of self-signed certificates - Userid for the broker connection - Password to use for the broker connection MQTT support for other apps / drivers The MQTT Client includes a simple way for other applications / drivers to use MQTT by supplying a way to subscribe to and unsubscribe from MQTT topics and sending messages to a MQTT topic. This eliminates the need for the application/drivers to include their own MQTT client.
What's new in v3.0.0
Major improvements to API handling for connecting apps

Flow kaarten


MQTT Client
Trigger wanneer een bericht is ontvangen op Topic
MQTT Client
Trigger wanneer er verbinding is gemaakt met de broker
MQTT Client
Trigger wanneer er geen verbinding meer is met de broker


MQTT Client
Verstuur Bericht op topic Topic
MQTT Client
Verstuur Bericht op topic Topic met QoS: Quality of Service en retain Gebruik retain
MQTT Client
Verstuur een leeg bericht op topic Topic met bewaard bericht met QoS: Quality of Service om bewaarde berichten te verwijderen
MQTT Client
Spreek Ontvangen string uit over de luidspreker


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