Niels de Klerk

Adds support for DreamScreen devices.

This app adds support for DreamScreen devices to homey. Fully controll Inputs, modes, colors and ambiance. Flow Cards: - Set Brightness: [0% to 100%] - Set relative Brightness: [-100% to 100%] - Set Mode: [Off, Video, Audio, Ambient] - Set HDMI: [HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3] - Set Ambient Mode: [Solid Color, Random Color, Fireside, Twinkle, Ocean, Rainbow, Rainbow, Holiday, Pop, Enchanted Forest] Usefull links - Old forum link - Official DreamScreen website - DreamScreen Shop Version 1.2.0 - Bugfix, crash that happend when device was offline. - Added, Updated state information. Version 1.1.0 - Now supports using the homey app to set HDMI, modes, on/off. Version 1.0.2 - Updated dreamscreen-node @0.0.3 to @0.0.4 - Updated Readme - Code cleaning. - HDMI input bug fix.

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