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Pioneer VSX control app for Homey

This app lets you control a Pioneer VSX amplifier from within flows on a Homey device (by Athom). ##What works: - Turn on and off you amplifier in a flow card - Set volume up and down in a flow card - Change the input source of your VSX amplifier in a card - Mute and unmute your VSX amplifier ##Version 1.0.0 - Added: Flow condition to check if your amplifier is on or off - Added: Switch to port 23 to support other devices - Improved: Mobile card - Removed: Unnecessary files so the app take less space on your Homey ##Version 1.1.0 - Added: Device selection to flow condition to check if your amplifier is on or off introduced in 1.0.x - Added: Flow action to set the volume to a specific level. - Added: Calibration function to detect the maximum level of the Pioneer so the level within the flow can be set. - Added: Settings to change the IP of the Pioneer and add option to add port nummer if the port number is different than the default 8102 or 23 - Improved: Adding of devices ##Version 1.2.0 - Added: Flow action to mute and unmute your amplifier - Added: Flow condition to check if your amplifier is muted or unmuted ##Version 1.3.0 - Improved: Yes no text in flow condition - Improved: Uniformity in action flows by selecting first device witch was not the case by changing source. ##Version 1.3.1 - Fixed: API callback issues, after upgrading to Homey 0.10.x ##Version 1.3.3 - Added: Notification of incorrect device ##Version 1.3.6 - Fixed: Issue with GAME port ##Supported devices ###Confirmed * Pioneer SC-2023-K * Pioneer SC-LX57 * Pioneer VSX-528 * Pioneer VSX-824 * Pioneer VSX-920 * Pioneer VSX-921 * Pioneer VSX-924 * Pioneer VSX 1021 ###Unconfirmed * Pioneer SC-1223 * Pioneer VSX-42 * Pioneer VSX-43 * Pioneer VSX-51 * Pioneer VSX-527 * Pioneer VSX-822 * Pioneer VSX-921-K * Pioneer VSX-922 * Pioneer VSX-923 * Pioneer VSX-923-K * Pioneer VSX-1023 * Pioneer VSX-2120 * Pioneer VSX-S510 Please let me know if your Pioneer is supported

Supported devices

Pioneer VSX amplifier


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