EcoDim B.V.

Adds support for EcoDim Zigbee Z-wave dimmers

This app adds support for the EcoDim Z-Wave / Zigbee Smart LED Dimmer devices manufactured by Supported devices ECO-DIM.07 Z-Wave / Zigbee Smart LED Dimmer The Smart Dimmer is a switch multi level device based on Z-wave Plus and Zigbee 3.0 protocol The Dimmer controller can be included and operated in certified Zigbee network and Z-Wave network. In addition, the LED dimmer has a wide range (0-200W LED), excellent dimmability and light stability (MIN and MAX adjustment) and all brands of cover material in NL & BE fit on the built-in element. Suitable for> 90% of all (normal) dimmable LED lamps. Of course also to be used if you do not yet have an app or home automation system. The dimmer is delivered incl. Clear Dutch manual. In short, a very complete and unique product and a world first! Supported Languages: - English - Dutch Changelog: v1.0.2 - Updated app and drivers based on ECO-DIM.07 production firmware - Update Homey-meshdriver to v1.3.7 v1.0.1 - Fix power usage approximation issue Homey v3.0.0 Energy v1.0.0 - Initial app store release - Add support for ECO-DIM.07 Z-Wave / Zigbee Smart LED Dimmer - Compatible with Homey v3.0.0 Energy approximated power usage

Supported devices

ECO-DIM.07 (Z-wave)
ECO-DIM.07 (Zigbee)


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