Countdown timers

Jeroen Bos

Countdown timers for Homey

The Countdown timers app for Athom's Homey provides hourglass-like timer cards in your Flows. Flowcards: Triggers - A specific timer has started - A specific timer has stopped - A timer started - A timer stopped Conditions - A specific timer is active / inactive Actions - Start / update a timer - Pause a timer - Resume a timer - Stop a timer - Stop all timers Development Want to help? Awesome! Just make a fork, clone it and start contributing. We use Husky for a pre-commit Unit Test hook, so make sure to run `npm install` after your `git clone` so all depencies get installed and set. Need help? Scroll down to the `Contact` part of this readme. Roadmap - Write MORE tests - Mock Homey npm module - Add adding or substracting a fixed or random number of seconds Contact Have a question or a bug report? Please file an issue on the Github repo. You can also hit us up on Athom's Slack community at @jeroenbos22 or @milanzor, see you there! Acknowledgement The Countdown timers app is inspired by the original CountDown timer app by Ralf van Dooren.
What's new in v1.3.0
Added pause / resume cards + bug fixes


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