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Richard Barkestam

Control your Volvo car

Before adding a car you need to go to app settings and select region. Different parts of the world use different APIs from Volvo On Call so it is important to select the correct region to find your car. When adding a car you are prompted for your Volvo On Call username and password. Triggers - Car left home - Car came home - Location changed - Engine started/stopped - Heater started/stopped - Battery level changed (only for PHEVs) - Charge cable status changed (only for PHEVs) Conditions - Heater is on/off - Engine is on/off - Car is (not) at home - Car is (not) locked - A door is (not) open - Door is (not) open Actions - Heater on/off - Lock/Unlock car - Engine remote start/stop - Honk horn - Blink lights - Honk horn and blink lights For more information about the app and the possibility to get support please visit the forum link below. Disclaimer Use this app at your own risk. The authors do not guaranteed the proper functioning of this app. This app attempts to use the same APIs used by the official Volvo On Call mobile app. However, use of this app may cause unexpected damage for which nobody but you are responsible. Use of these functions can change the settings on your car and may have negative consequences such as (but not limited to) starting the parking heater and unlocking your car. Credits Icons from; - - - - -
What's new in v1.0.7
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