OpenTherm Gateway

Ramón Baas

Control your boiler and thermostat with Homey via the OpenTherm Gateway

Homey OpenTherm Gateway application This is the OpenTherm Gateway application for Homey. The OpenTherm gateway allows you to view OpenTherm data from your thermostat and boiler. Furthermore, you can use it to change settings, e.g. update the setpoint. More information on the OpenTherm Gateway (OTG) can be found on Hardware You can order the gateway hardware e.g. via KIWI electronics or Nodo Shop. Devices The following Homey devices are currently supported. * Gateway (the OpenTherm gateway between your Thermostat and Boiler) * Thermostat (a default device, which allows you to view and set the setpoint) * Boiler (a default device with information from the boiler) * Sensor (you can add the values you would like to see in a sensor device) For more information, or in case of issues, please visit the GitHub page
What's new in v2.1.0
Fixed sensor pairing

Supported devices



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