Soma Smart Shade

Gerard Ricart

Integrate Soma Smart Shade into Homey

SOMA Smart Shade for Homey This app integrate the `SOMA Smart Shade` into Homey. Notes: Soma Smart Tilt is not adapted. Hope to adapt soon. You can configure the timeout between polls in the app's settings. Also is possible to connect to MQTT-Broker if you enable on settings. It publish following messages for a SomaShade (RISEXXX): - SomaShades/RISEXXX/position/value (where value is between 0.00 and 1.00) - SomaShades/RISEXXX/battery/value (where value is between 0 and 100) - SomaSahdes/RISEXXX/state/value (where value is up/idle/down) You can also Subscribe to a Topic and move SomaShades to a value. - SomaShades/+/REVECIVE/value (where RECEIVE can be configured on settings)
What's new in v1.0.1
Minor bugfix on OnOff Cabality. New appstore files.

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Soma Smart Shade


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