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For air condition controllers. To install: 1. Get an API-key from 2. Install the app 3. Configure the API-key in the Configure app menu. This must be done before adding the Sensibo device. Device: Sensibo Triggers - The target temperature changed. - The temperature changed. - The humidity changed. - Sensibo turned on. - Sensibo turned off. Conditions - Sensibo is on. Actions - Set the temperature. - Set the mode (Automatic, Heat, Cool, Off) - Turn on. - Turn off. - Set the fan mode (Cool, Heat, Fan, Auto, Dry) - Set the fan level. Acknowledgements: Feedback: Please report issues at the issues section on Github. Release Notes: 0.4.0 - Possible to turn on / off, change fan mode and fan level from the app (the device must be reinstalled for this) - Removed duplicate triggers for temperature and humidity 0.3.0 - Fix if more than 1 Sensibo 0.2.0 - Beta version for app store

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