Thomas Hebendanz

Adds LIFX devices support to Homey (using local network)

Whilst there can be various reason why you do not want to rely on the cloud to control your lights, this app was created primarily to benefit from the responsiveness of the LIFX LAN protocol. Please Note: You can pair LIFX devices only if they are not paired to any other LIFX app. Supported Languages 🇬🇧 English 🇩🇪 Deutsch Supported Devices All LIFX Devices (theoretically, I don't own all models) Features - Basically all features and effects the LIFX light devices offer. A few of them require cloud access though. - Homey Energy for all common lighting devices. - Homey Zones wide LIFX commands with flow cards. Please visit the Athom Community forum topic, for a detailed list and more detailed information. The link can be found below. App Settings - Polling Interval (for light status requests - change this only if >really< needed) - Developer Token (required for LIFX Cloud Access) - Default light transition duration - List of all devices Limitations - Firmware effects for LIFX Tile can only be controlled through cloud access - LIFX Tiles cannot be controlled individually - Power consumption for LIFX Tile, BEAM, Z and Z2 are not implemented, yet - Ambient light flux is showing for all devices, but I don't know if all devices support that - No fixed listed IPs for lights supported. Discovery broadcast packages must be allowed to find the devices The never released memory feature is now available as a separate app, called 'Zone Memory'. Zone Memory works brand independent. Special Thanks to Remco M (aka caseda) Robert Kelb petterHomey Bas van den Bosch (for sharing the old lan driver, which inspired me to build this) Emile Nijssen (aka WeeJeWel) Ramón Baas Matt Redding (LIFX Hardware Engineer) Please visit the LIFX (LAN) topic on the Athom Community Forum for more information. Click on Visit Forum under Community in the app info block below.
What's new in v0.12.4
Fixed set color by rgb hex code not working with flow tokens

Supported devices

LIFX Light


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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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